Jaguar is a large car manufacturer which has produced a number of luxurious and classy cars. Quintessentially British, Jaguars cars are understated and classy, yet they possess rip roaring power and performance which can challenge all of its foreign rivals. They are models which hold their value well and have a lot of character, which is why many motorists opt for used Jaguar vehicles.

The Jaguar Company was founded in 1922 by two motorcycle enthusiast; Bill Lyons and William Walmsley. The company was originally named Swallow Sidecar Company but the changed the name after the Second World War as the  abbreviation ‘SS’ had negative Nazi connotations. You’ve probably guessed it, but the name that the company now took was ‘Jaguar’.

After the Second World War Jaguar produced some very well regarded sports cars, namely the XK 120 and the E-Type which were both popular in as racing cars as well as commercial cars. These cars did so well that Jaguar felt obliged to produce more than they had originally intended to.

Jaguar joined forces with the British Motor Corporation in 1966 to create ‘British Motor Holdings’ and since it has been through more partnerships, as well as being bought out by Ford in 1990 and Tat Motors in 2008. Under Ford models such as the S-Type and the X-Type were introduced. Jaguar now produce many prestigious models.

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