Jaguar S-Type

July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Jaguar S-Type is an executive saloon with extremely sharp looks and a V-6 diesel engine. The S-Type is giving Jaguar a much needed image boost. The new model boasts a better quality feel and a luxurious touch that had been left out of previous models.

The S-Type diesel variation has the car’s competition standing on edge. The car’s low running costs and high level of performance have made the car an attractive choice for business executives who do a lot of traveling.

Minor changes to the car’s exterior and interior design have revamped the car and modernized the car’s features. In some of the sportier versions aluminium trim is included in place of the more traditional wood trim.

The car’s new exterior design boosts the car’s image and appeal, but the power and torque of the diesel engine help to boost driver appeal and enhance the car’s overall performance capabilities. The engine is quiet and makes for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The diesel engine helps boost fuel economy and should help to keep running costs down. The car’s low boot ceiling can limit storage space, and limited visibility can make parking a bit tricky, but overall the S-Type provides a really good driving experience.


Compared to the competition the S-Type offers a relatively low purchase price. More seasoned drivers will enjoy lower insurance rates. The diesel engine could qualify for a tax break and will provide good fuel economy and enhanced performance.

The car provides adequate space for passengers and the boot is a good size and easily stores shopping bags and similar items. Rear seats fold down in order to provide even more storage space.

The S-Type’s fascia is organized and uncluttered. The dials and knobs are easy to use and the car’s displays are large and easy to read. Basic controls are duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience.

Front seat passengers enjoy plenty of head and legroom while rear passengers enjoy slightly less headroom. It should be sufficient for most passengers but taller passengers may have some difficulty.

Access to the car is extremely good. Large door apertures and high floors make for easy access. Boot space is decent but a low boot ceiling limits storage space.

The S-Type is not so easy to park due to limited visibility and the difficulty of judging the long bonnet. Front and rear sensors are available on the options list and are strongly encouraged.

Life Style

The S-Type is capable of reaching 60mph in just over eight seconds.  The car produces enough power to keep even the most demanding driver entertained. The S-Type is very comfortable at cruising speeds and during long distance trips.

The S-Type could technically be used as a family car because it provides adequate space, but the car was not really designed to be kid friendly. The interior will not do well with the abuse that children and families dish-out.

The S-Type will not be a practical first car for many new drivers. It is attractive but it comes with a high ticket price and insurance rates will be high as well. Not to mention the S-Type may be too powerful for a novice driver.

In any other market sector Jaguar would be far ahead of the competition, but in its class it has to compete with several big names and even with all that the S-Type has to offer competition is still steep.

Security and Safety

The S-Type comes standard with remote central locking an alarm system, and an engine immobilizer. A vehicle recovery system is available from the options list.

Jaguar offers an Adaptive Reactive Technology System (ARTS). The system measures the severity of the impending crash and the height and weight of passengers and deploys airbags accordingly. Energy absorbing seats help to absorb and counteract the effects of a collision. Along with these amazing and innovative safety systems Jag has also included the usual more traditional systems as well, such as ABS and the usual traction devices.

The Finishing Touches

The S-Type comes equipped with a standard CD stereo player with automatic volume control. There are also many impressive options available such as a sat-nav system, a TV system, and a car phone system.

The S-Type looks most attractive in darker colors such as green or black. The Jag’s interior also looks better in darker shades of leather and trim. Some models come with an aluminium choice as opposed to the more traditional wood trim.


The S-Type is very attractive and the diesel unit that is offered is the best choice for smooth cruising. This car is quieter and more economical than many big name competitors and is really fun to drive.