The Jaguar XK is a visually stunning car which shares its designer with other beautiful cars such as the Aston Martin DB7 and the Vanquish. The designer claims that his inspiration for the XK came from the curves of actress Kate Winslet, a bit odd if you ask me, but hey, if it means the production of cars like this then I approve. The Jaguar XK can do an impressive 158mph with the XKR variant capable of 174mph, there is also an XKR-S variant available which can also come as a convertible.

It was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany 2005, as well as Kate Winslet the car drew inspiration from the classic jaguar E Type from the 60s. The E Type is one of Jaguar’s most significant vehicle and even though you can only get a second hand Jaguar E-Type that will be around 50 years old.