Jaguar X-Type

July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

The new Jaguar X-Type was designed to appeal to younger buyers and Jaguar had high hopes of stealing buyers away from big names such as Audi, BMW, and Volvo within this class. Unfortunately the car didn’t quite bring Jag the results that the company had hoped for, but nevertheless, the company did get some results.

The X-Type did attract buyers who had previously found other models of Jags too expensive or just too big. Ford has taken many of the components from the Ford Mondeo that has proven to be very successful and popular and they have used them in the X-Type. The X-Type drives well with the changes and provides a very nice ride.

The newer models have improved the quality of the car’s interior design and now offer a diesel alternative. The car’s 2.2-litre unit is able to hold its own with its German rivals in terms of performance and economy.

The car looks great and handles well. It has a distinctive Jaguar style, and hasn’t done as well as expected due to customer loyalty to other brands. The X-Type provides a good driving experience and comes with a high level of standard equipment. The car is more than worthy of a test drive.


The X-Type is a premium saloon and is not a cheap purchase. Running costs and insurance are also high. The diesel engine option helps with fuel efficiency.

The X-Type is a compact saloon. Space is limited. Front seats passengers have adequate space while rear passengers are more limited. The boot is a decent size but the boot aperture is a little on the small side.

The cars instrumentation and controls have a high quality feel, much better than previous models. The controls and dials are all logically placed and easy to use. There is an optional sat-nav system available as well.

The X-Type is a reasonably comfortable car. It wasn’t designed to be roomy, but front seat passengers have adequate space and rear passengers should be comfortable for short distances. Engine and road noise are low, but ride comfort is compromised by firm suspension settings.

Accessibility to the front is good. The doors are large and open widely allowing easy access for front seat passengers. Access to the rear seats is more limited and may prove to be difficult for some passengers. The small boot aperture makes loading and unloading cargo difficult at times.

Due to the car’s small size and light power steering, parking the X-Type is a fairly simple task. The most difficult part of parking the car is accurately judging where the boot ends, and the optional parking sensors are probably a good idea.

Life Style

The X-Type delivers a very spirited ride and should be enjoyable even for more enthusiastic drivers. Steering is direct and the brakes are excellent. The 2.2-litre diesel engine is the best choice for power and fuel economy. The ride can be harsh depending on the terrain due to the car’s sport suspension and large alloy wheels.

 The X-Type was not designed to be a family vehicle. It could accommodate a small family quite easily but the car’s expensive interior may suffer, and limited boot space may prove to be inadequate.

This is not likely the best choice for new drivers. The purchase price is high as are running costs and insurance rates. Fuel economy is not the best and the car could prove to be too expensive for a novice driver.

The compact prestige saloon is loaded with a generous standard package, performs excellently, is attractive and fun to drive. The problem is people still associate the Jaguar name with large, costly, luxury saloons. It may take some time for the concept and the name to click in the minds of buyers.

Security and Safety

The vehicle comes equipped with remote central locking, an engine immobilizer, and an alarm system. Given the car’s attractiveness and name it might be a good idea to add on an after-market tracking device for additional safety.

Jaguar did not overlook safety, the car comes equipped with occupancy-sensing restraint systems, dual-stage driver and passenger front airbags, front seat-mounted side airbags and side curtain airbags for both front and rear passengers. There’s also the normal features such as anti-lock brakes and traction control.

The Finishing Touches

The car comes equipped with a decent stereo system which is not unusual for a Jaguar. There are several options available including power amplifiers, CD changers, sat-nav and Bluetooth telephone provision.

All the traditional, sombre Jaguar colour options are available, but the cars exterior looks best in a black or dark green. Light colours look decent too, if combined with minimal chrome trim. The car’s cabin looks mosre sophisticated and refined in black leather.


The new X-Type has shed the staleness of its predecessors and now delivers an attractive and exciting ride. The car’s cabin has been improved and the diesel engine option has brought the Jag full circle.