Jaguar XK

July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

The original 1996 Jaguar XK would be hard to beat, but Jaguar’s 2006 model seems to be an ideal replacement. The XK boasts elegant lines and refinement while many of the rivals sport a tougher more masculine image.

The old XK was still more attractive than many of the more recent introductions. The new XK’s looks will be even more difficult for the competition to match muchless beat.

The car’s design is clever and detailed. The small rear window offers a great view, the front lights seem to change shape as you walk around the vehicle and the subtle raised rear deck that gives the car so much of its character.

Many of the car’s most amazing achievements can’t be seen from the outside, like the car’s all aluminium construction that keeps weight down and helps the car perform better. The XK is not a full blown sports car even though it possesses a sporting edge and is genuinely fast when driven hard. A soft-top convertible model is available but the coupe is somewhat more attractive and its increased rigidity makes it a sportier choice.



The XK is an expensive vehicle to purchase. When the XK is compared to competitor’s prices and after the generous level of standard equipment is factored in the XK looks like a very reasonable deal.

Cabin space is better in the XK than it had been in its predecessor. The boot offers a lift-back door that gives the boot some of the practicality of a hatchback.

Jaguar has freed up cabin space and clutter. Controls and dials have been limited to the number necessary for practicality. The controls and dials are straightforward and easy to use.

The XK has very comfortable seats. The seats can be adjusted in a variety of ways to ensure driver and front passenger comfort. Rear passengers enjoy less space and will comfortable for shorter periods. Cabin noise is kept to a minimal at normal speeds and only increases when the car is pushed hard.

Accessibility to the front seats is very good. The doors open wide enough to allow easy access for most passengers. Rear passengers don’t have it quite as good and some passengers may have difficulty accessing the car’s rear seats. Accessibility to the boot is good. The boot-lift opens manually but once activated it automatically opens on its own.

Parking the XK may take some practices. Long wheel basesw could pose some challenges, but the rear window screen provides good visibility, steering is light, and parking sensors come standard issue with the car.


Life Style

While not an out-right sports car the XK’s still provides an excellent driving experience. The light, all-aluminium body forms a solid basis and combines with perfectly weighted steering. The automatic transmission complete with steering wheel-mounted paddles allows the driver to be more involved when the urge arises. Overall the XK provides a terrific and rewarding driving experience.

The XK was not meant to be a family car in any sense of the word. It might be used as a second car, but not as a primary means of transportation for a family.

The XK would also not make a good first car either. It is an expensive purchase with high running costs and really high insurance rates especially for novice drivers. Not to mention that the car provides way too much power for a newly licensed driver and may not be the safest choice of first cars even if you could afford the car and insurance.

The XK is doing much to redeem Jaguars old image for building beautiful and classy cars that are fast and fun to drive. The car may seem a bit too feminine for some.


Security and Safety

The XK is likely to attract a lot of attention from would-be car thieves. That’s why Jaguar has outfitted the XK with a Thatcham approved alarm system with microwave intrusion sensing, door protection and tilt-sensing to detect the vehicle being opened, jacked up or moved. It features two-stage unlocking, which unlocks the driver’s door with one push of the unlock button and the passenger door with a second push. The steering lock is electrically engaged when the car is locked. A smart key system provides keyless start with a push-button starter, and optional keyless entry.

The XK’s has a special security feature. It has a pyrotechnic deployable bonnet. If it senses an impact with a pedestrian the bonnet lifts up. The XK also includes the usual number of safety features including airbags and stability control devices.


The Finishing Touches

Buyers have a choice of stereo systems. They may choose between high and optional premium-quality systems. The standard six-speaker system plays regular CD’s, WMA, and MP3 digital files. The single dash-mounted CD slot is a six-disc changer. The premium system, by Alpine, has eight speakers, a remote six-channel amplifier, 520 watts output and Surround Sound. Both systems are excellent and produce good sound quality.

Darker colors seem to suit the car’s exterior design better. The convertible looks good in brighter colors though, and the interior comes with two color/wood combinations. The car also comes with a black leather and aluminium trim option.



The Jaguar XK could easily become one of the most cherished coupes of recent times. It boasts a clever design, a name brand, and fantastic engineering as well. The car is appealing to many audiences and has a lot to offer even with the car’s standard package.